Conference and meeting — Comfortable meetings with room for teamwork and trust

Create conference and meeting rooms that cultivate a culture of teamwork and trust. Montana’s products form flexible and functional spaces for productive meetings and inspiring conferences.

A professional workspace that exudes empathy, enthusiasm, and creativity

Gather around the JW table for a meeting in the morning. Sit down in one of our classic and comfortable Panton One office chairs or stand tall while presenting your work with a functional HiLow speaker desk from Montana. Use our iconic and customizable office furniture to create an opulent and adaptable office environment.

Visual silence for cacophonous conference calls

Avoid distractions and keep focus on the essentials with Montana's TV & Sound modules. Aesthetic storage space for electronic equipment. A perforated retractable door hides remote controls and cable clutter in a storage solution customised to your needs – 40 eco-friendly lacquer colours and 2 veneers give you plenty of possibilities. Available on legs, plinth, castors or suspension rails.

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