Inside the creative mind of — Céline Hallas

Photographer and colour ambassador for Montana, Céline Hallas, lives with her husband Daniel, their two children Samuel and Sienna and their beloved dogs and hamster, Master Yoda, Ziggy Bob and Betty Boop. The family lives in an old, crooked apartment from 1840. Read along for a look inside the creative mind of Céline.

Working with colours should be playful

Céline describes her home as a structured funhouse. With all kind of colours and different interior styles mixed together, Céline still manages to keep it on a level, so the many inputs seem harmonized and complement each other. When asked how she uses colours in her home, Céline answers without hesitation; “Very intuitive!” She rarely starts out with a plan for the end result; it’s all about the creative process.

It’s not that I don’t plan and research – I just always leave room for play
Céline Hallas

The three Montana favourites

We challenged Céline to choose three of her favourite colours from our new colour palette – all colours that was to represent her personality. She decided to go with Black Jade, Iris and Pomelo.

To Céline, the colour Black Jade appears to be black at first glance – but then you realize that it’s a beautiful dark green with a sparkling effect. She loves the fact that Black Jade need a second look to be fully understood. The colour somehow requires the viewer not to judge, and once you have seen the true potential of Black Jade, you can’t take your eyes off it. Céline explains that she as person often is percieved a bit tough at first sight but is everything else than that.

In a sea of purple nuances Céline believes that Iris manages to be purple without beeing too childish. Her own personality resembles Iris in a way that she is very colourful, but still achieves to balance her use of colours so it appears genuine and not over the top.

For the third colour, Céline chooses Pomelo because it’s a breath of fresh air, and she hopes her use of colours and visual identity appears like that as well.

I believe Pomelo can lighten up even the darkest room

Céline Hallas

Colours mean everything

When asked how a colourful interior affects her mood, Céline admits to being very sensitive about colours. Once, she had to repaint her daughter’s room because she found that the nuance had too much blue in the red colour. Céline simply couldn’t abstract from it.

To Céline, finding the perfect colour can do the exact opposite; she loves the paint colour Green Blue from Farrow and Ball, and she has used it for several rooms in the apartment. Céline feels just the same with the Montana colour Iris; “Of all the colours in the palette, Iris is truly something special”.

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Céline's advice – start small

Do you want to decorate your home like Céline? Her advice to you is to start small. If you have some white Montana modules already, then mix them with a couple of coloured modules. You will see how quickly it will create a whole new look.

If you wish to add colour to your walls, you can create a great result by choosing the same colour for your walls as for your furniture, but try using the colour in several shades. This will create a more coherent and calm look.

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