Montana Mini — A growing world of Minis

Montana introduces several new additions to the uncomplicated and versatile Montana Mini series. Read along for our thoughts behind the product line extension.

Frame your personality

By adding modules with drawers, smaller sized mirrors, a pinboard and a plinth to the series of carefree storage elements, Montana Mini is a refined range of design that fit the needs of personalised storage for all stages of your life.

Just like the original Montana System, the Montana Mini is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label and the official EU Ecolabel, making the Montana Mini a safe choice for you, your loved ones and the environment.

The Montana Mini modules are all in the same depth of 25 cm, made of the well-known durable Montana MDF, but kept mini with a thickness of only 8 mm and in a selection of 10 colours only. The Mini series maintains the pure, clean lines that makes it a true Montana, allowing you to frame and tell your personal story.

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With Montana Mini, we’re making our design and craftsmanship accessible to a larger audience. With its many functionalities, we see the Mini as a design product you carry with you all throughout life, from young to old.

Joakim Lassen, CEO, Montana Furniture.

Montana Mini  A series of Mini storage modules

Explore the complete Montana Mini series to find inspiration on how to combine modules and colours from the full product series. Whether you choose a single module or a larger collection of multicoloured squares, the Montana Mini lets you create your own dream of storage space for your home. 

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