Væksthuset — Aveny-T’s new stage for youth theatre

Væksthuset is Aveny-T's new stage for youth theatre, which, with its charm from the 166-year-old theater building, creates a new place for young people to express their creativity through art, theater, and music. The tradition of theater and entertainment on-site now continues in the new beautiful setting, created by architects Kjaer & Richter in collaboration with Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects. In addition, Anders Engholm has designed the Aveny-T Chair especially for the historic theater in Frederiksberg. With its elegant design and focus on sustainability, it is a perfect chair for the theater's young audience.

Case: Væksthuset
Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Products: Aveny-T Chair
In cooperation with: Kjaer & Richter in cooperation with Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects
Year: 2017-2022
Photographer: Julie Murphy

Aveny-T Chair – a modern classic

A functional, minimalist and expressive chair

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