Competition terms 

The following terms and conditions apply to competitions offered by Montana Furniture A/S on social media, in newsletters and on our website.


All winners will be contacted directly via the e-mail address provided. Winners then have 14 days to respond and provide their physical address. Without a response, the winner’s right to the prize may lapse and/or Montana Furniture A/S may choose to draw another winner.

Delivery of prizes

The prizes will be sent directly to the winner as soon as possible.


Prizes cannot be exchanged for other items, cash or gift cards.


Standard warranty applies.

Copyright/rights etc.

Montana Furniture A/S reserves the right to use, quote or publish all submitted material - e.g. texts and drawings.

Changes to competition terms and conditions

Montana Furniture A/S reserves the right to cancel, change or postpone the competition at any time (including all prizes) if there is any reason why the competition cannot be carried out as described.

Employees at Montana Furniture A/S

Employees of Montana Furniture A/S and members of their households may not participate in competitions.