TV and media furniture


SPIN III Vinyl storage

Colour: MonarchMeasurements: W 105 x H 96.6 x D 38 cmPosition: Plinth H7 cm
Displayed model 1 945,70 €

SPIN II Vinyl storage

Colour: PineMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 76.4 x D 46.8 cmPosition: Castors H6.8 cm
Displayed model 1 206,17 €


Colour: CuminMeasurements: W 183.6 x H 36.6 kg x D 30 cmPosition: Legs H12.6 cm
Displayed model 2 316,08 €


Colour: RhubarbMeasurements: W 138 x H 38.4 x D 38 cmPosition: Plinth H3 cm
Displayed model 2 311,92 €


Colour: ClayMeasurements: W 138 x H 24 x D 30 cmPosition: Suspension rail
Displayed model 1 817,68 €


Colour: TruffleMeasurements: W 183.6 x H 48 x D 38 cmPosition: Legs H12.6 cm
Displayed model 2 962,00 €

Montana TV & Sound – explore the different compositions, colours and positions.



Colour: TruffleMeasurements: W 183.6 x H 35.4 x D 38 cmPosition: Suspension rail
Displayed model 2 666,32 €

SPIN I Vinyl storage

Colour: AcaciaMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 53.6 x D 46.8 cmPosition: Castors H6.8 cm
Displayed model 1 014,90 €
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TV furniture

Functional TV furniture in 41 colours

Montana's minimalist TV furniture for storing cables and electronic devices offers you ample opportunity for furnishing your living room and creating clean lines. Montana's living room furniture can be customised to suit your style and is available with shelves, drawers and doors. Find functional TV modules in high-quality Danish design.

Choose a small TV module, one with doors, one with plenty of storage space or design your very own. The possibilities are almost endless, and the choice is always yours: Choose a TV module with castors, legs, plinth or suspension rails so it can hang on the wall. Montana's TV & Sound storage solutions are available in several sizes and in the depths 30 or 38 cm. Get functional storage with cable grommets, perforated doors to hide cables and wires as well as room for a sound bar, speaker and other TV equipment.

All Montana TV furniture is available in our many carefully developed colours in a wide-ranging palette that allows you to create exactly the look you want. Choose from 41 colours that can be mixed and matched to create a modern TV module or stand alone as a classic and elegant living room storage solution.

Aesthetic elegance down to the last detail

Montana TV & Sound is a series of TV modules, shelves and sideboards designed to serve as functional storage solutions in uncompromising quality and design. Small details such as push function, rounded edges and retracted fronts characterise Montana's furniture design. A perforated folding door hides your electronic devices behind closed doors. The folding door also allows you to operate your electronics and ensures air circulation. The back panel has a round cable grommet, just as shelves and partitions have grommets for cable routing between equipment within the module. In other words, you get a stylish TV module - without any cable clutter. 

Iconic design by Verner Panton

A third option is the Panton Wire system designed by Verner Panton in 1971 - a versatile and elegant option that lets you create a completely unique TV module. Hang the rectangular or square modules on the wall and add inlay shelves and top panels to create a tabletop. Your options include white or black marble - one of most popular trends right now. With the Panton Wire system, you get a raw and industrial solution that adds lightness and elegance to modern living rooms with a flat screen on the wall.