Oslo City Hall — An architectural treasure

Oslo City Hall opened in 1950 and is the seat of the city council, Oslo city administration and other municipal organizations. Oslo City Hall is an architectural treasure both on the inside and the outside. Hence the building is one of Norway’s most iconic buildings. Various large events and ceremonies take place in the building, including the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

Case: Oslo City Hall
Location: Oslo, Norway
Products: Chairik XL 127, customised chair frame, custom coloured shell with Oslo city coat of arms
In cooperation with: Maisam Mahdi, Arkitektskap Oslo
Year: 2018
Photographer: Inger Marie Grini

The Chairik XL 127

The Chairik XL 127 chair is perfect for stacking and is easily moved around – an ideal chair for facilities that require frequent transformations to accommodate different activities. In this case the chair comes with custom coloured shell and watermark on the back.

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