Montana Office Units — Storage modules to organize office areas

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Mobile storage units in various sizes and styles for all types of workstations

Montana Office Units are mobile storage modules for the workstation. They come with shelves, doors, drawers and pen trays – anything you would want for an efficient and supportive workspace. Available with castors and some sizes with suspension rail for work desks.

The modules are made of Montana's well-known lacquered MDF with a thickness of 12 mm and are available in many sizes, all of which can meet individual needs. Certified with the Danish Indoor Climate Label and EU-Ecolabel.

Designer: Peter J. Lassen

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Montana Office Units carry the official EU Ecolabel and a 10-year guarantee. The EU Ecolabel reflects how sustainability is a core part of our mission. Our products meet high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal. Read more about Montana's certifications and policies on environment and quality.

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About the series

The Office Units is a series of storage modules in different sizes and configurations for efficient workstation organizing solutions in all types of workplaces. They are made of 12 mm MDF in Montana's 41 lacquer colours and have CR70 castors.

The modules come in heights of 46.6 cm, 69.6 cm and 87.5 cm, widths of 18.3 cm and 35.4 cm, and depths of 38 cm and 46.8 cm. Modules in height 46.8 x width 18.3 cm are possible to mount underneath tabletops. These have a fixed depth of 38 cm and comes with a metal bracket for assembly.

The drawers have casing in white-pigmented beech and bottom in white lacquered MDF. It is possible to select drawer dividers to drawers height 12.6 and 18.3 cm.  

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