Renew — your Montana

Do you feel like something new? Change a shelf, get a new back panel, switch the castors, revamp your modules with striking handles in a complementary colour or add a brand new set of colourful legs.

And now, without further ado, let’s renew, revive, refresh.

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Let the transformation begin

There are many ways to customise our shelving system. No matter if you are a first-timer, or if you have had Montana for many years, the strength of the system is that it is inherently sustainable.

Explore our components online and contact your nearest Montana retailer if you need guidance on how to customise your existing shelving module with accessories from the Montana System.

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Safe for you – safe for the environment

At Montana, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. For us, sustainability is using high-quality materials and robust craftsmanship to produce long-lasting products. Long-lasting products that are neither harmful to you nor the environment. Since 2007, we have exclusively used water-based lacquer colours which do not contain any solvents harmful to you or the environment.

Our modules carry the Danish Indoor Climate Label, and in 2019, we obtained the prestigious EU Ecolabel, becoming one of the first furniture brands in Europe to hold this official European certification. 

Environment and quality

Buy now – keep forever

The flexible nature of Montana means that you can transform your modules almost endlessly and enjoy your high-quality furniture your whole life.  And if one day, you’re ready to hand over your Montana collection, we’ve made sure that the modules are durable and lasting for many generations to come, making Montana a sound investment.

For the correctly mounted and deployed Montana products, and for use under normal circumstances including load recommendations, the Montana Furniture A/S 10-year guarantee covers design, moving parts and functionality.

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