HLO3H140 work desk

Colour: BlackMeasurements: W 140 x H 64-129 x D 70 cm
Displayed model 1 377,47 €

HLO3H120 work desk

Colour: SnowMeasurements: W 120 x H 64-129 x D 70 cm
Displayed model 1 288,00 €

X80160 Monterey work desk

Colour: ParsleyMeasurements: W 160 x H 72 x D 80 cm
Displayed model 1 393,27 €

X60140 Monterey bar table

Colour: OysterMeasurements: W 140 x H 105 x D 60 cm
Displayed model 1 869,61 €

BUREAU work desk

Colour: FlintMeasurements: W 93.8 x H 35.4 x D 38 cm
Displayed model 1 406,12 €

Monterey Kids work desk

Colour: ShadowMeasurements: W 100 x H 57 x D 60 cmMaterial: 30 mm lacquered MDF
Displayed model 873,31 €

Inspiration for the home office – explore how to furnish your home office with Montana

HILOW2160C work desk

Colour: ChromeMeasurements: W 160 x H 62.4-125.1 x D 80 cm
Displayed model 2 462,20 €

HILOW3G160 work desk

Colour: AluminiumMeasurements: W 160 x H 64-129 x D 80 cm
Displayed model 1 427,15 €

HILOW2160 work desk

Colour: BlackMeasurements: W 160 x H 62.4 -125.1 x D 80 cm
Displayed model 2 035,69 €

STUDIO Secretary

Colour: MushroomMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 58.2 x D 30 cmMaterial: 12 mm lacquered MDF
Displayed model 1 502,02 €

WORKSHOP work desk

Colour: RhubarbMeasurements: W 140.7 x H 48.4 x D 46 cmMaterial: 12 mm lacquered MDF
Displayed model 1 757,22 €

Secretary writing desk 4119

Colour: CoalMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 46.8 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 1 094,11 €

Montana Selection – explore colourful home office hubs

JW Table JW160

Colour: White JW silk lam.Measurements: Ø 160 x H 73 x SH 160 cmMaterial: Silk laminate
Displayed model 4 002,78 €

JW Table JW180

Colour: White JW silk lam.Measurements: Ø 180 x H 73 x SH 180 cmMaterial: Silk laminate
Displayed model 4 287,34 €

JW Table JW2010

Colour: Black oakMeasurements: W 200 x H 73 x D 100 cmMaterial: Veneer
Displayed model 3 259,24 €

JW Table JW2410

Colour: Solid OakMeasurements: W 240 x H 74 x D 100 cmMaterial: Solid Oak
Displayed model 8 093,28 €

JW Table JW2412

Colour: Nordic linoleum 4177Measurements: W 240 x H 73 x D 120 cmMaterial: Linoleum
Displayed model 3 652,90 €

JW Table JW3212

Colour: Douglas granMeasurements: W 320 x H 74 x D 120 cmMaterial: Solid Douglas
Displayed model 14 151,90 €

The Panton One series – explore the different chairs, colours and materials.

JW Table JW120

Colour: Solid OakMeasurements: Ø 120 x H 74 x SH 120 cmMaterial: Solid Oak
Displayed model 6 212,20 €
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Tables, chairs and benches

Tables, chairs and benches for multiple purposes

Montana’s tables, chairs and benches can be used in a wide array of contexts. Our range of tables includes dining tables, height-adjustable tables, conference tables and desks in several sizes and with a number of functions, giving you endless possibilities for furnishing your dining room, meeting room or home office with solutions from Montana. Likewise, our chair range includes dining table chairs, office chairs, lounge chairs, benches and stools, for both indoor and outdoor use. Because the range is wide, the products are available in several materials, including string, veneer, chrome and the characteristic lacquered plywood, designed to make it easy to adapt Montana to suit your personal style and needs.

Dining room

Give the important moments around the dining table a lift with Danish design in high quality with the JW table by Jakob Wagner. Functionality and quality characterise this classic minimalist table, which is ideal for the dining room. Create a stylish dining room and choose whether you want a round or rectangular, large or small table. Montana offers furniture for all types of spaces, both smaller dining rooms and open plan kitchen areas. The tabletop is available in several materials and colours including veneer, linoleum and Douglas wood, which means you can get both a modern, practical surface that is easy to clean and a stylish tabletop in solid wood. As a dining table chair we offer Panton One, which is a comfortable designer chair that can be easily cleaned with a cloth and is suitable for the modern dining room. In addition to the dining table chair, Panton One is available as a bar stool and lounge chair.

Home office

Furnish your workplace or home office with Montana's HiLow height-adjustable tables, which can be used for both sitting and standing work. Adjust the height comfortably to best suit your needs. The height-adjustable table comes in both a HiLow 2 and HiLow 3 version that vary in size and function. Choose between a table suitable for larger spaces or a small desk measuring 120 cm by 70 cm, perfect for the small office when you work from home. The depth of the office desks follows ergonomic guidelines, including space for a keyboard, screen, support for the arms, proper viewing distance and ample legroom, so you can furnish your workspace with stable, high-quality designer tables. Pick a classic white desk or choose a different colour or material. Use Panton One as a desk chair and office chair. If you need a stool, Guest is the ideal solution for your office.


The modular furniture system Pantonova was designed by Verner Panton in 1971. The modules can be combined to form curved lounge furniture and benches in many different ways - perfect for the lobby, lounge and reception areas. You can also style your living room or bedroom with a single chair as a statement piece to add a raw and industrial look to your home. Pantonova is available in chrome, powder-coated in the colour Black Red and in a newer Outdoor version in stainless steel, which makes the system suitable as outdoor furniture for the garden or terrace. The three different modules are Linear, Concave and Convex.