Recycled plastic — Materials and care guide

Find information about the material and a guide on how to maintain Montana’s recycled plastic products. Read more here.

About Recycled plastic

Our selection of plastic comes from various manufacturers, and we have a wide assortment of designs produced in partly or fully recycled plastic.

Our chair series manufactured in Europe are made of polypropylene plastic (PP).

- The Marée chair shell in black is produced of used and defective plastic pallets from the food industry, and the Marée shells in colours of recycled material in natural colours, such as toys, household containers and bottles. The Marée shell has a composition of 15% fibreglass and 85% PP-plastic. When moulded, the shells are UV-treated for outdoor use.

- The Kevi Kids chair shell has a composition of 15% and fibreglass 85% PP-plastic. - The Chairik and the Kevi Air chair shells have a composition of 20% fibreglass and 80% PP-plastic.

- The Aveny-T chair shells are made from 100% granulated recycled plastic collected from households, nature, and companies. The plastic type of the shell is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) produced in Denmark, and it is 100% recyclable and can be reused, remelted, and reassembled.

Care and maintenance

Remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. For daily cleaning, use a cloth hard-wrung in lukewarm water or neutral detergent, and follow with a clean cloth to remove any liquid leftovers. If using a neutral detergent, remember to follow the dosage specified in the instructions. The detergent must not contain solvents. Never use scouring powder, corrosive cleaners, or steel wool on the surface. In case of difficult stains, it may require a more concentrated detergent solution. In such a case, we recommend testing at an invisible place of the chair, for instance, under the seat, to ensure it does not damage the surface.

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