Kitchen — Colourful memories in a kitchen where you make the rules

Create a kitchen that brings people together. A kitchen for a crowd. For meditative solo cooking. For a midnight snack and an early cup of coffee. Kitchen shelves, bookcases and shelving units by Montana adds vibrant personality and colour.

Cooking happy moments

Whip up a quick weekday meal for your loved ones. Enjoy the extra storage space as you prepare for a dinner party. The invigorating effect of our colourful furniture will give you energy. Spend that extra energy on your guests! Montana’s storage solutions make the heart of your home beat with character. Classic design furniture for any time of the day. And any occasion.

Montana Free shelving system

Get an airy and decorative storage solution for the kitchen with Montana Free. Move it around, expand it, add more colours. Cover it with practical cooking utensils and creative table decorations.  Display your collection of crockery and complement it with our other products suitable for the kitchen area. Montana Free is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a big, open canvas.

The shelving system has all the marks of Montana’s unique DNA and the high quality you would expect.

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A poetic range of 41 Montana colours

Montana’s functional and flexible system is featured in a range of 41 poetic and complex colours developed in close collaboration with the award-winning Danish designer and colour expert Margrethe Odgaard.

Colours mean everything. Ambience. Atmosphere. Identity. Colours are paramount in our design. We want to influence and inspire the world of interiors with our take on colours. Bright and light. Dense and deep. There is a colour for any purpose.

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