RIPPLE CABINET — A modern take on the timeless display cabinet

Montana Furniture is adding four display cabinets to the Montana Selection series of preconfigured products and storage modules. Montana’s display cabinet is a contemporary and stylish reinterpretation of the classic vitrine cabinet.

Welcoming RIPPLE into a versatile family of pre-configured storage modules

Please welcome RIPPLE to the Montana Selection series. Expertly crafted with rippled glass doors and adjustable shelves, the cabinet offers a fresh twist on traditional design. The asymmetric placement of the shelves allows you to easily customise your display space, and the rippled glass not only adds visual interest but also beautifully captures and disperses light throughout the room. This versatile piece is perfect for showcasing your cherished items while infusing your home with vibrant colours.

Montana Selection is a series of functional and creative preconfigured furniture. All you have to do is decide between our 41 colours, and whether you want your furniture on legs, suspension rails, plinth or castors.

Designer: Peter J. Lassen

Peter J. Lassen

Peter J. Lassen (1930-2019) founded the family company, Montana Furniture, back in 1982. Montana is based on Lassen’s philosophy; that every one of us has a need for freedom and a natural desire to create our own personal spaces.

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