Selection news — Additions for your home office

Montana now presents a timely range of home office furniture and accessories for the Montana Selection category of preconfigured designs. Read along for our thoughts behind the product line extension.

The products are available in-store from August/September.

New and colourful home office hubs

Montana Selection is growing with 6 new products that are all relevant for the home office. From a small, well-equipped desk nook to wall-mounted work desks with integrated storage – in a design that looks homey and will fit seamlessly into multifunctional rooms and smaller spaces.

The range includes three desk modules, BUREAU, WORKSHOP and STUDIO, the mobile storage unit RUNNER and the two organiser items, CLASSIFY and COLLECT. All products are created to fill your home office hub with colours and functional features, regardless of how much space you have available. 

For more than a year, the concept of home offices has been a reality to many of us. Some have been able to dedicate an entire room for working at home, others are not that fortunate. With our launch of home office furniture, we’re embracing this new reality.

Joakim Lassen, CEO Montana

Sustainability comes in many colours

The new home office furniture and accessories are certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label and the official EU Ecolabel making it a safe choice for you, your surroundings and the environment. All products come in Montana’s poetic colour palette of 40 nuances created in close collaboration with textile and colour designer Margrethe Odgaard.

Explore the Montana colours

Montana Selection  a series of pre-designed storage modules

Explore the complete Montana Selection series to find inspiration on how to combine modules and colours from the full product series. With Montana Selection we have hand-picked a range of functional and creative pre-designed furniture. 

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