Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971)

Arne Jacobsen was a functionalist, but he also stressed the aesthetic aspects of his work. His intention was that beauty should not be an experience reserved exclusively for the privileged few, but one that could benefit everyone in their daily lives - not least in the workplace.

One of the greatest architects and designers of our time

Arne Jacobsen was an educated architect from the ‘The Royal Danish Academy of Art’ in Copenhagen and stands as one of Denmark's most significant architects. With his iconic works, his international reputation has helped put Danish design on the map.

Arne Jacobsen's designs are characterized by their simplicity, modern aesthetics, and high quality, and they are still sought after all over the world. He has left his mark on both Danish and international design history, and his legacy continues to live on today. His contributions to both design and architecture remain deeply meaningful, as they were in his lifetime and continue to be today.

Djob Table

The Djob table was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1971, originally as an office and meeting table for the National Bank in Copenhagen. It exudes simplicity with its clean lines and timeless design – and has a light and airy appearance.

The Djob table is another example of Arne Jacobsen's minimalist approach to design and his ability to create practical and beautiful furniture. Montana Furniture now manufactures the individual table with various sizes and surface options. Since 1971, it has been further developed and remains a popular piece of furniture that fits well into modern homes as well as workplaces.