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A growing world of Minis – New additions to the versatile series 

Montana introduces several new additions to the uncomplicated and versatile Montana Mini series. The new additions include modules with drawers, smaller sized mirrors, a notice board and a plinth. 

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Montana Mega – a new series of mega modules

Montana presents 9 new pre-configured designs in mega-size. Montana Mega expands the Montana System with new sizes and a new approach; three heights, one width, one depth and fixed configurations. A haven of simplicity compared to the classic Montana System’s almost endless possibilities.

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Montana Free – the Teklan Edition

Montana launches a new collaboration with colourist and photographer Tekla Evelina Severin who has curated two new colours for the Montana Free shelving system. Explore Tekla’s daring combinations of cheerful colours in a pure expression of joy.

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3 Days of Design – revisit Montana's showroom

If you were prevented from participating in this year's 3 Days of Design or wish to revisit, we bring our vivid and evocative showroom online. Click on the link below and experience the newly redecorated showroom.

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