Montana Selection— New and colourful home office hubs

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36 modules, 4 depths and 42 colours

The flexible nature of Montana means that you can transform your modules almost endlessly and enjoy your high-quality  furniture your whole life.  You can add more modules if your home grows, rearrange your existing ones to suit a new purpose and always add new colours if you feel like brigthening up the mix.

With 42 poetic colours we want to give you endless opportunities to create, frame and tell your personal stories through clever design and superior craftsmanship.  Explore how we combine and mix the Montana colours and get inspiration for your next Montana.

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Inside the creative mind of – Swantje Hinrichsen

Colours are like therapy to Swantje. Suffering from emotional synaesthesia where feelings trigger perceptions means that every feeling has a colour. This is also how Swantje takes on the renovation and decoration of a room.

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Creating good design demands honesty and respect

Montana Furniture is a family-owned company, established in 1982, leading within storage and furniture for private homes and contemporary office spaces. The company is founded by Peter J. Lassen, who is also the designer of the Montana system.

All Montana modules are designed, developed and made in Denmark. Every day, in a small town on the island of Funen over 140 professionals work hard to uphold the highest standards of processing, painting and assembling – making sure that your Montana furniture will last a lifetime.

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