News May 2021 — Montana Furniture aquires Engelbrechts

Montana Furniture acquires the furniture company Engelbrechts as part of the company's business strategy to strengthen its range and profile in the contract market. With the acquisition, Montana will have access to versatile and strong chair series such as Kevi and Chairik. Engelbrechts’ founder, Morten Engelbrecht, and 10 employees will be integrated into Montana's organisation, just as Engelbrechts’ showroom on Skindergade in Copenhagen will continue.

Iconic and quality-conscious design within seating furniture makes Engelbrechts the right acquisition for Montana.

Joakim Lassen, CEO Montana Furniture A/S

Since Peter Lassen founded Montana Furniture in 1982, the cornerstone of the furniture company has always been the flexible storage system Montana System. Starting with the acquisition of the company Djob A/S in 2009, the product range has since been expanded to include work and meeting tables as well as the Panton One chair, Verner Panton's first chair design from 1955.

Joakim Lassen, Peter's son, has been in charge of the family-owned Danish furniture company since 2015. The company has come out of the coronavirus crisis stronger, with a growth in order intake and revenue of more than 25% in the last nine months. The acquisition has been carefully considered, and Montana is in the favourable situation that the acquisition can be financed exclusively through own funds. Joakim Lassen comments on the acquisition:

“Iconic and quality-conscious design within seating furniture makes Engelbrechts the right acquisition for Montana. In particular, we envision the chair series Kevi and Chairik doing well together with Montana's products in the contract market, while we are convinced that the Kevi chair especially will be successful in the retail market.” He continues:

“I am delighted that we managed to come to an agreement - I am convinced that the two brands together can go a long way. In addition, I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Morten Engelbrecht and his employees,” concludes Joakim Lassen.

Engelbrechts began as a retail store carrying selected high-end furniture from around the world. After a successful start, Morten Engelbrecht expanded the concept to include products developed specifically for Engelbrechts before moving from retail store to furniture brand with its own product series by, among others, Erik Magnussen, Jørgen Rasmussen and Anders Hermansen. Common to all the company's products is that they are aesthetic, functional and long-lasting pieces of furniture, where everything superfluous is cut away.

For Engelbrechts’ founder, Morten Engelbrecht, handing over the life's work he started in 1989 to Montana Furniture has been a carefully thought-out decision.

“It has not been an easy decision to pass on what I have built up over the past 32 years, but I think the two companies and products complement each other well. In addition, I look forward to working with Joakim Lassen and, not least, to being able to concentrate fully on product development,” says Morten Engelbrecht and continues:

“In 1982, when I worked at BoTikken in Hellerup, I actually helped set up the very first Montana products. I still remember how Peter Lassen himself used to deliver the shelves in his old Ford Granada with a trailer,” Morten Engelbrecht concludes with a smile.

The integration of Engelbrechts into Montana Furniture will be carried out over the next 12 months.