Bedroom furniture


Montana Mini 1006 with two drawers

Colour: NordicMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 315,11 €

Dresser 1125

Colour: VanillaMeasurements: W 69,6 x H 69,6 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 1 364,41 €
From 1 296,54 €

FIGURE oval mirror

Colour: AmberMeasurements: W 46,8 x H 138 x D 1,6 cm
Displayed model 420,40 €

Shelf 6223

Colour: AmberMeasurements: W 69,6 x H 35,4 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 795,48 €
From 727,61 €

Drawer module 6241

Colour: RhubarbMeasurements: W 46,8 x H 35,4 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 746,41 €
From 678,54 €

Montana Mini 1007 with three drawers

Colour: New WhiteMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 360,24 €

Shop the look – three bedroom essentials

1 456,73 €


Montana Mini 1005 with one drawer

Colour: MistMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 269,99 €

Bedside table 7162

Colour: FennelMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 24 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 538,46 €
From 470,60 €

Drawer module 8142

Colour: NordicMeasurements: W 46,8 x H 12,6 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 409,11 €
From 341,24 €

Drawer module 7142

Colour: AnthraciteMeasurements: W 46,8 x H 24 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 576,64 €
From 508,76 €

Montana Mini 1202 with shelves

Colour: AmberMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 209,83 €

Montana Mini 1102 with shelves

Colour: VanillaMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 209,83 €

Inspiration for the bedroom – explore how to furnish your bedroom with Montana.

Bedside table 6261

Colour: MonarchMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 35,4 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 671,39 €
From 603,53 €

DRIFT drawer module

Colour: PomeloMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 35,4 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 766,34 €
From 615,93 €

Montana Mini 1103 with door, right

Colour: AnthraciteMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 239,90 €

Montana Mini 1003 with door, left

Colour: CamomileMeasurements: W 35 x H 35 x D 25 cm
Displayed model 239,90 €

DREAM nightstand

Colour: IrisMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 35,4 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 600,89 €
From 450,48 €

Panton Wire Extended

Colour: MonarchMeasurements: W 70 x H 34,8 x D 18,8 cm
Displayed model 285,03 €

Shop the look – Montana Wardrobe

3 939,08 €

Panton Wire Single

Colour: SnowMeasurements: W 34,8 x H 34,8 x D 18,8 cm
Displayed model 142,14 €

DASH nightstand

Colour: BalsamicMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 24 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 405,35 €
From 390,31 €

Bedside table 7661

Colour: AmberMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 18,3 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 250,63 €
From 183,50 €

Bedside table 7161

Colour: CuminMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 24 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 260,59 €
From 192,71 €

Panton Wire Single

Colour: ChromeMeasurements: W 34,8 x H 34,8 x D 34,8 cm
Displayed model 172,41 €
From 142,14 €

Shelf 4262

Colour: AzureMeasurements: W 35,4 x H 46,8 x D 30 cm
Displayed model 475,68 €
From 407,80 €
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Bedroom furniture

Create a serene bedroom in stylish design

Montana's storage solutions for the bedroom are designed with focus on calmness and relaxation to give you a personalised space for rest and recharging. With our range of bedroom furniture, we offer you endless possibilities to create the bedroom of your dreams, whether you are looking for a new bedside table, a mirror, a dresser, a wardrobe or a complete solution in Montana's iconic design.

Choose between Montana's 40 eco-friendly lacquer colours and whether your furniture should be on legs, a plinth or castors. These come in several colours, so you can create a style suited to your space. For example, tap into a popular interior trend and choose a bedside table with legs in brass. Or a bedside table on castors, which is modern, practical and moveable. If you want a more stately style, maybe the plinth is for you. To learn more about how to add colour to your home, visit our inspiration pages.

ersonalise your Montana dresser or bedside table with top panels from Montana, which are available in Montana's 40 water-based lacquer colours, as well as in black and white marble. The top panel can be used to express your personal style and accent your Montana furniture with an additional design detail. That way, you can create unique bedroom furnishing that matches your bed and the colour of your walls.

Dresser and drawer modules

Montana offers spacious dressers and drawer modules for storing all of your personal items. Choose a closed solution with drawers for clothes, socks and other garments if you want to hide away the clutter of a busy everyday. An ideal solution is Montana's drawer divider, which helps you keep the contents of your drawer organised. Or choose a solution with open compartments or shelves which gives you the perfect display place for decorations, books, table lamps, watches and jewellery. Our range includes the popular CARRY and KEEP, on top of which you can place your jewellery box or a beautiful plant. Montana is about possibilities, and the furnishing possibilities for our modules are endless - you decide whether you want to use them to furnish the bedroom, the entrance hall, the living room or a whole other room in your home.

Mirrors in many shapes and sizes

With mirrors from Montana, you get both functional furniture and interior accents that add the finishing touch to your home. In addition to creating depth, dimension and the illusion of a larger space, you can use Montana's mirrors as wall decor in the bedroom, living room or entrance hall. Create a bright and airy space with the full-figure and floor mirror LIKE, or hang the smaller mirror LOOK above a Montana dresser as a makeup mirror. Whether you are looking for an entrance hall mirror, bathroom mirror or bedroom mirror, whether square, round, rectangular or oval, wall-mounted or standing on the floor, Montana has the solution.

Elegant and flexible bedside tables

Montana's range of functional and flexible bedside tables for storing personal items with drawers and open compartments gives you a stylish and practical side table perfect next to the bed or sofa. Among the most popular bedside tables from Montana are DREAM, DRIFT and DASH. The tables vary in size and can be adapted to the interior in both large and small bedrooms. Choose whether you want a wall-mounted bedside table or one on legs, a plinth or castors.