Chairik — Stackable comfort in new colours

The Chairik series is a versatile family of chairs with unsurpassed stacking abilities and a clean contemporary look. Uncomplicated, simple and convenient – the Chairik chair is the embodiment of timeless functionality.

The ideal chair for conference rooms and teaching facilities

Introducing Chairik in eight new, carefully selected Montana Colours: Snow, Mushroom, Amber, Beetroot, Flint, Parsley, Anthracite and Black. Match frame and shell colour to create a monochrome look, or mix and match for a more playful and customized look.

The rational and clear Chairik design is complemented by these eight curated colours that bring a contrasting softness to the chair. The coloured powder-coated frames are of the highest quality, strong enough for stacking up to 45 chairs.

Improvements have been made to the surface and quality of the chairs. The shells have a smoother feel and are made of recycled mat polypropylene. This material gives the chair a cool and modern expression and portrays the details of the design perfectly.

Designer: Erik Magnussen

Oslo City Hall

Various large events and ceremonies take place in the arcitecturally iconic Oslo City Hall. With its stacking abilities, the Chairik XL 127 is the ideal chair for facilities like this that require frequent transformations to accommodate different activities.

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About the series

Chairik is available in two sizes and various heights to suit any circumstance. Chairik is versatile and available with different bases in polished chrome – four-legged, sled-base and 5-star swivel base – for different purposes. If you want armrests, simply choose the one you like the best. 

The series has noise-dampening plastic gliders to protect the floor and ensure that the chair is easy to move around.

Stackable comfort

With a stacking performance of up to 45 chairs on one trolley, you can store up to 1000 chairs in just 14 square meters. Chairik enables optimal space utilisation and flexibility, making your company's use of space more efficient and sustainable.

Unique magnetic seat upholstery

Chairik can be upholstered in fabric or leather. With Chairik's on/off seat upholstery, you can easily switch up the look of your chair, whenever you want. The chairs feature pre-mounted magnets for the removable seat upholstery, which makes it incredibly easy to change. 

Easy to line up

You can link your Chairiks to form a bench, either with a removable linking device or by choosing to have the linking device fitted permanently to the frame.


Chairik is a simple and reassuring seat for audiences that come and go. We have added a selection of accessories for the space-conscious consumer, such as a stacking trolley and a transport trolley.

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Erik Magnussen

Erik Magnussen (1940-2014) graduated as a ceramicist in 1960 and started working for highly esteemed Bing & Grøndahl as an industrial designer. Since the late ´70s, Magnussen has been synonymous with the Stelton thermos.

A key theme of Erik Magnussen’s work is simplicity – nothing is superfluous. Erik had a pragmatic view of design. First and foremost, the design should be functional and durable.

The Chairik chair is an archetypical example of simplicity: with a two-dimensional, easily manufactured shell, Erik Magnussen achieved a high level of comfort and design.

Erik Magnussen's designs are exhibited in museums across the world, and he has received many acknowledgements and awards for his work.

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